Guidelines, Rules and Protocols for our Health and Safety

December 4, 2020

Members, friends and visitors to Holy Family Church - just a note to let you know some of the things we are doing TOGETHER with concern for the health, safety and the wellbeing of everyone especially those most vulnerable:


1. Church services and other gatherings are not offered indoors at this time.  Masses, funerals, weddings, and baptisms are available outdoors.  We are blessed with a large park on our own property.


2. Everyone is asked to wear a face covering even for outdoor services, even if seated far apart. The presiding priest is required to wear one while distributing Holy Communion.


3.  Several outdoor stations are available, and volunteers are there to assist with additional masks if you need one, and hand sterilizer.   Please bring your own chair to sit on.   A limited number of chairs are available if you need one, but do not return it to the chair rack, bring it to one of the tables where volunteers will sterilize it after each use.  


4.  Restrooms are carefully cleaned in between each service.


5.  As many as 5 or 6 different stations are available for receiving Holy Communion to help keep everyone at a distance.  Please maintain a 6' of separation from those outside your own family while approaching or returning.  Those assisting with the distribution of Communion have been trained how to carefully avoid touching anyone, and trained to stop and sterilize their hands after any accidental touch, which happens very rarely.  The only human who has ever touched the Communion Host is the one person who is offering it to you, and they have just sterilized their hands with alcohol.

6.  Very importantly, anyone who has possible symptoms of illness which might include fever, fatigue, cough, aches and pains, loss of smell, tates etc is asked to please stay home and "self quarantine".  This applies to everyone.  It also applies to anyone who knows they have been in contact with someone who has the virus.

7.   At this time, our parish classrooms and social hall are not available for gatherings such as Bible Studies, prayer groups, or meetings.  The parish office is receiving phone calls and emails and is distributing donated food for the needy and other essential work.  There is always a slot in the parish office door available if you have forms, paperwork, donations, etc that you would like to deliver personally.   Mail:  Holy Family Church PO Box 798 Kingsburg, CA, 93631,  Tel:  559-897-5953.   

8.  Sadly, but for the sake of public health, we have cancelled our parish festivals, bingos (except virtual), dinners, and we are not offering receptions in the hall following funerals or for any other reason.  

9.  For some individuals who are especially vulnerable, it is possible to attend Mass while sitting inside a vehicle, as close to the altar as parking permits.  If someone is attending Mass in person from their vehicle, please make it known if someone in the vehicle is to receive Holy Communion and where they are located. 


10.  We are following other restrictions and procedures to do what we can to keep everyone safe.  For example, we are not sharing song books, prayer books, etc. We are not selling or offering food or drinks after Masses.  Baskets for the collection are not passed from person to person.  


11.  We continue to pray for the health, wellbeing and safety of everyone and we are following all of these important steps, and ask for your cooperation in following them, with a heart of charity and concern for others.   


**Note that although all Sundays and Dec 8, Dec 25, Jan 1 are certainly HOLY DAYS in which we have a religious mandate of devotion, we are at this time dispensed from the obligation of Mass attendance especially for those who have reason to be extra careful.   Watching Mass online does not substitute for participating in person, but it can be a great spiritual help, together with other forms of prayer and devotion.


God Bless,

Father Gregory